What are humies?

Short answer: the few; the proud; those deemed strange and weird by the normies.

Humies are isolated and/or lonely humanoid-earthlings who strive to retain and foster their alienated interests by #resisting mainstream food, art, and music. They are definitely unique, and possibly otherworldly.

The nickname “humies” is typically utilized from the interrelated perspectives of 3 online personas:

1. From alpha personalities who use “humies” to validate or rally their followers (rappers, educators, students, streamers)

2. From gamers who use “humies” to identify humanlike characters in sci-fi/fantasy games (Warhammer, World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Dungeons & Dragons, Final Fantasy, God of War, and more)

3. From dog/cat-based accounts and “furry” fandom accounts who use “humies” to identify non-furries and non-pets

Uniting with and contributing content to the humies online community enables the exchange of unsponsored information that can be utilized to pursue those lifestyles that are not advocated for or promoted by organizations and private entities within the government-industrial-technology construct. Contributions can be made directly via twittertumblr, or gmail, or indirectly by signaling our attention with the hashtag #humies from any platform in a form of data that can be indexed via Google.

In return, our service to the community is to curate contributions and produce content that can benefit the wellness of humies on a global scale. We intend to honor contributors whenever possible; it only helps to strengthen and expand the humies community, which is our mission.