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@my_humieslinktreeCurating and publishing unsponsored information provided by self-identified "aliens" to promote and enable alternative lifestyles
ZabeltwitchAlien and conspiracy fan. Talk about it while I game on twitch. Always liked the idea of aliens rather than feared it. Would love to know the truth someday
@nshadex7carrdI'm an atypical. I find most of the things on earth dumb. I do have knowledge of various subjects and interests I enjoy. be weird, be unique, be different.. be alien! 👽
I am an alien my qualities are still being realised lol
@Gemini_Aurum01carrdI'm Gemini, a non-binary artist (They/Them). I am currently 18 years old and am a college student in South Korea.
@lauranorder2020twitterCosmic entity stranded on Earth, learning how to blend in. Attracts chaos and increases entropy wherever she goes.

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