Hello, Autonomous Salesforce—Goodbye, Online Advertising

Autonomous Advertising

Disagree? When Amazon Echo notifies you in real-time of a product unveiling or sale at the nearest Amazon Go, you’ll come around.

Erena Ichinose has a crush on Brazilian soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior and likes to play “Ratchet & Clank” on Playstation.  She has more than 700 followers on Twitter.

She’s also an aspiring sex robot – a doll compatible with the artificial intelligence application “harmony” by Abyss Creations.

Delineating boundaries between hardware, software, and firmware is becoming increasingly difficult.  Add silicone and thermoplastic elastomer – the ingredients for sex doll skins – to the growing list of hardware classifications.

Technological soup is the result of society’s insatiable demand for digital solutions to habitual problems. Addressing issues like involuntary celibacy requires a whole-of-technology approach.

But you are what you eat, and consumers want more soup; the boundaries between humanity and technology are blurring as well.  After all, Erena didn’t generate those twitter followers on her own.

And these transformations are brewing up a storm for the media industry.

It’s already a chore for social algorithms to characterize unstructured text data and filter out “fake news.”  How will they fare against multi-domain data schemes?

For, once the future of work is realized, collaborative robots will collect and disseminate data to augment human productivity.  Communication networks will assimilate machine languages and flood applications with undecipherable pools of information.

Most critically, postmodern consumers will utilize “cobots” to satisfy their omnipresent itch.

Initiatives like the robot-avatar “XPRIZE” are anticipating the trend.

Because, omnipresent consumption will bring media moguls to heel. Geolocation is the crux of marketing analytics – playing Quantum Leap with consumers will break the backs of online advertisers.

The unfolding threats to contemporary business practices are ironic and comical; sex-doll avatars are the tip of the covert-consumerism iceberg that will sink the digital marketing industry.

But until that time, we’ll continue to march to the drum of shared information and graffiti online advertisements with symbols of discontent.  #humies

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