Gay and Misunderstood in India, by u/pkslnct

“It all comes down to fear of something different and unknown.”

I live in India which is for the most part famous for it’s diverse culture and diverse people. We feel proud about our ” sankriti “(culture). But then there are people like me, gay, in a society where males are seen as an authoritative figure who is responsible for the continuation of ones generation. People here do not understand what gay means. They do understand transgender and they will quickly relate gay with transgender. I do have total sympathies with my trans buddies, they do suffer a fare share of trouble and hate. If you are gay you better not let anyone know about it or you will be in lot of trouble. Young people are getting more accepting but do not expect that behavior from adults or older people.

The most common problem is a family’s respect in society. Even if your parents wants to support you they just can’t because they cannot face the society which is there just to judge and laugh at you at any reason they could find.

It all comes down to fear of something different and unknown. People fear who they don’t understand. They make their own assumptions and will quickly declare you disgusting/unnatural out of pure baseless logic or on emotional grounds. I do understand that it’s not easy to put yourself in someone else’s shoes but in place of trying to understand, people will fight you and tell you how wrong and disgusting you are, just because it’s wrong and disgusting for them. It’s like I hate banana and if you like it I hate you too(Pun intended)! People need to understand that differences must be celebrated and not put down and be hated.

I wish to go where I can be me. Where people around me are accepting and they understand that we are not that different. They understand that being gay is not a choice but an identity given to you at birth. They understand that being gay is beautiful in it’s own way and that we should celebrate our differences. Differences makes us who we are. Differences is what makes us alive as a species where each one has something different to offer. Moreover if you look closely we are not that different after all. We also need love to function properly. The only difference is we are searching for same sex love. But does it matter. I am in love with a fellow human. My every instinct is telling me he is the one, the love of my life. Is it in anyway right to let him go just because someone thinks it’s against God’s will. Is it right for him to not love me, not be with me because he fears about his family’s reaction.

I say, it is God who made me, so this is God’s will. I can feel God when I see him.

A place where I can be me in short is like where I can look on cute guys and sigh and people will just be same as the way they are with straight people. They will look and smile and will be just simply happy that a person is crushing on another. Where I can roam around in society with my boyfriend/husband and it would be just a usual thing for everyone. Where I can get the same reaction that straight people get on doing anything. I just need a normal life.

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