How to Make a Homemade Face Mask, by @dzellene

A quick and easy 4-step process to make a face mask from a couple of items in your home.


1 handkerchief or similarly-sized piece of linen or cotton
2 makeshift ties (twist ties, rubber bands, strings, threads, etc.)


1. fold the piece of cloth in half
2. fold the cloth again, sizing it to the lower half of face
(covering nostrils and mouth)
3. fasten: pull a substantial portion of cloth through the
loop of each tie and enfold
4. apply the fastened cloth to face, pulling the slack of
ties over each ear to secure (readjust as necessary)

* if available, pad interior side of face mask with tissue or
toilet paper to thicken filter at the end of step 2


The filtering capacity of this type of homemade face mask is less
than an n95 particulate filtering facepiece and a medical-grade
surgical mask.
This content was provided by @dzellene

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