Covered in Mold and Shame, by u/RosieDrew

“My Mom still doesn’t admit to this day and gaslights me.”

Okay so my story is I was very abused by my parents. I like scifi and fantasy so it really comes full circle. One part that I didn’t know till much later is how poisonous mold is.

Till I was out of the house my mom treated my eczema like it was my fault and that she was being loving by giving me dangerous treatments. I was young so was very alienated by peers. Thing was it was probably the mold. It was all over my bedroom on the wall blocking my bed and the back of the dresser.

This is further proven as I still have eczema but it has never gotten that bad.

I also was abused physically and other ways by my parents. My Mom still doesn’t admit to this day and gaslights me. She tried to act like symptoms that were probably PTSD were my fault. I felt alienated but I think by talking about it, relating, and finding better relationships it can get healthier.

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