THE FREAK, by u/Qlubedup

“I’ve come to the realization that being THE FREAK isn’t too bad.”

It’s a strange feeling being a straight white male in the U.S. yet sharing little, if any, interests with my fellow men. Race isn’t what’s at play here, nor is sexual preference, even then being a male isn’t the issue. Loving guns, cars, a nice set of tits can only bring me so close to my fellow man. Loving art, a good cry when I’m down, or shopping my ass off until I’m saying “oh fuck I have 100 dollars in my account for the next 2 weeks.” can only bring me so close to the women I share this world with.

My lack of interest in whatever team won the playoffs for whatever fucking sport, makes me, THE FREAK. My interest in being the person I want to be, instead of who the world wants me to be, makes me, THE FREAK. My lack of interest in which celebrities are currently trying to hide their relationship from the masses, makes me, THE FREAK. My interest in being the best person I can be, makes me, THE FREAK.

I’ve come to the realization that being THE FREAK isn’t too bad. I’ve come to the realization that being THE FREAK is actually pretty rad. I’m ok with being myself, I’m ok with feeling like an outcast. Because whatever bullshit world everyone else is living in, is where the true freaks reside.

The strange people who would rather watch a nature show on TV than go outside and witness some actual fucking nature. The strange people who think marijuana is an evil plant but eat chemicals made in a lab like it’s fucking popcorn during the previews at the movie theatre. The strange people who cry foul, racist, bigot, to anyone with a fucked up sense of the world that is rivaled only by their own fucked up sense of the world.

It isn’t me that is the strange one, it’s the world who are the strange ones. It’s the world who loves to beat your ass into the ground until you’re a bloody pulp, beat you some more and piss on you for good measure who is the most fucked up of all. We are all fucked up in some way, everyone is damaged goods. Yet nobody can accept that.

I’ll gladly take my strange tendencies, my awkward personality, my odd interests and my love for all things weird over being just like everyone else. I won’t let the “normal” people hold me back, I will no longer take any flak. From now on I’m going to tell the world to kiss my ass.



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