The Void Smells Like Rabbit: Volume Two

Some aliens conceal their disdain for human norms. Others breach social boundaries and detail the absurdities of normie culture.

The following insights were derived from the (recent) tweets of 10 openly-alien humies:

The act of “performing” in a crowded public space like a street or plaza is inherently aggressive and inconsiderate, so let’s stop condoning this behavior (source: @MercyInYou)

One egg yolk contains 8% and 61% of our daily recommended doses of saturated fat and cholesterol, respectively. Whole eggs are substantially toxic; no amount of junk food or fast food will minimize that (source: @Natallmighty)

Normies would better serve us as snacks, not slaves—a factor to consider when plotting their subjugation (source: @Iheartwerebears)

When a teller at a major bank authenticates your account with just your driver’s license, your name is alien af, and your persona likely is too (source: @GParsegova)

If you come across an exceptionally pregnant woman, don’t stare—prepare yourself to help! (source: @LesliesBlushing)

Just a reminder: brownies that aren’t concocted with cannabis-infused butter or other drug-laced ingredients are still satisfying and fun to bake! (source: @BrightChristo)

Black girls who play video games and enjoy anime exist, they really do! (source: @AyeAshaRae)

The TV show, “Love Island” better cast some tigers or Caribbean queens, because our attention spans are on the run! (source: @Mitchraf86)

Pro tip: When your temper is boiling over, turn to journaling. Formulating your emotions with coherent text can help you face your fears and avert self-sabotaging moments (source: @bebe070109)

This is also a life path: successfully navigating the minefields of adolescence, only to trip over a midlife crisis in your 20’s (source: @nostalgianausea)

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