The Void Smells Like Rabbit: Volume One

Some aliens conceal their disdain for human norms. Others breach social boundaries and detail the absurdities of normie culture.

The following insights were derived from the (recent) tweets of 10 openly-alien humies:

Unpopular opinion: the Lofthouse Frosted Sugar Cookie is diabetes disguised as cake icing (credit: @imWhyborn)

If your sweat smells fowl, you either have an STD or aren’t eating enough Mexican food (credit: @SenpaiRicebun)

If you’ve stopped tracking public holidays, you’re dead inside (credit: @mesuthozil10)

The human body always gives out at the 90th degree (credit: @skipper)

Stop confusing mages and warlocks for intellectuals (credit: @StarForceMega_)

Keep failing everyone, the privileged few are depending on it (credit: @funnierhandle)

Unpopular opinion: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones are CHEESY AF (credit: @MrsTsunambee)

If you’re hungover on a work day, call in sick; if you’re manically depressed, get your ass to work (credit: @0liviaHouseman)

A carefully donned fanny pack will trigger any fashionista (credit: @tinymma)

There’s nothing romantic about survival (credit: @solelunastro)

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