Rap for Balance: Upstage Mood Disturbances With Lyricism

Learn to express your feelings online or risk succumbing to self-sabotage.

In “Crosshairs,” underground hip-hop artist Danger Doom raps, “watch your six, he got a lot of more tricks.”

Truth! While we scan our screens for dopamine hits, our reptilian brain sharpens its knife.

Modern interconnectivity is unsettling; ubiquitous access to misinformation is hazardous to healthy relationships and lifestyles. On a whim, mobile-device users can silence “intolerant” audience members, “ghost” their dating suitors, or bully their rivals. They can purchase goods remotely or pinpoint physical stores on the fly. For the digitally inclined, life is perpetually one datum shy of a plot twist—a single click can end a friendship or even change a wardrobe. Strategizing an idea into attainable outcomes has been made easy, not foolproof.

At the same time, computer overuse—a phenomenon affecting 8% of Americans—is depleting the mood-regulation capacities of end users. Raw emotions can amplify the effects of social stressors and muddle decision-making. It’s especially important for those trauma survivors and mentally ill immersed in social media to segregate their own feelings from the feedback loops. Negative feelings should be dissected into definable experiences; it’s a simple way to filter information and minimize distressing moments online.

In the face of emotional stimuli, we’re hardwired to reach for a connection: as infants, we reach for a caregiver; as transhumanists, we reach for a keypad. With some mindful journaling, we can now delineate our feelings to the nearest emoji, hashtag, slang term, or synonym to better characterize our triggers and cope with overwhelming situations. Deterring the manifestation of recklessness is a collective challenge for netizens; differentiating our emotions is the surest way to remain collected and walk the tightrope of reason.

Our silicon instruments are advanced—transcribing emotions for virtual application is an acquired skill. Naked truth deflects the arrows of internet trolls when it’s revealed to the rhythm of an authentic storyline. Establishing a digital flow is no less challenging than rhyming out a verse to a beat. Musical intervention is a proven therapy; amid a cyberspace of misleading headlines and suicidal ideations, it’s prudent to adapt lyricism for cover against toxic communications. When the arrows fall, we can google songwriters for tutelage and steady our clicking hands with the insights of celebrated lyrics.

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